G&P Intech

Thanks to the technological  know-how and the experience acquired in more than thirty years of activities, G&P INTECH  GROUP is placed in the construction market,  infrastructures and seismic retrofitting of building and  bridges,   as a technology partner and provider of the leading operators of the domestic and international market  such as Public Boards,  Stakeholders, Construction Companies, General Contractors, Engineering Companies.  The constant research of R&D carried out at the best level  enable G&P Intech Group  to submit to the market technologies and innovative materials according to the best standards of the modern construction industry  which combine quality, reliability, sustainability and durability,  competitive solutions with low environmental impact and reduced costs and maintenance. The main areas in which G&P Intech operates are related to  concrete and masonry structural strengthening with certified composite materials FRP-FRCM-CRM, FRC solutions and new line of natural fiber reinforcing.  G&P Intech Group  is active in the market with a consulting international service for engineering and architecture.