Barzin Mobasher

Barzin Mobasher obtained his BS, MS, and PhD. in Civil Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Plateville, Northeastern University, and Northwestern University in 1983, 1985, and 1990 respectively. After a brief two-year career in Industry, he joined Arizona State University in 1991 as Assistant Professor of Structural Materials. He has been a professor of engineering at the School of Sustainable Engineering and Built Environment at ASU since 2004. Dr. Mobasher has led programs involved with the design, analysis, materials testing, and full-scale structural testing of construction, structural, and aerospace materials. His publications include two textbooks on fiber and textile reinforced concrete, five edited books, and more than 200 research papers in leading professional journals and conference proceedings. His fundamental contributions in the fields of fiber and textile reinforced concrete materials and mechanics of toughening in UHPC cement-based systems, durability modeling, and experimental mechanics. He has served as the Chair of American Concrete Institute, ACI commitee 544 on Fiber Reinforced Concrete, and is currently serving Technical Activities Commitees of both ACI and RILEM.